How Many Continents Are There? Depends Who You Ask!

One of the most fascinating things I discovered when I started traveling when young is that, depending on the country of your birth, you would have been taught there are different number of Continents.

Did you know that? Crazy right?

According to Wiki (hey don’t judge my source…I am lazy) there are indeed different models to teach this. Check out this animated graph with the different models or the chart below.

4 to 7 continents

  • The seven-continent model is usually taught in China, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, parts of Western Europe and most English-speaking countries including Australia and the UK.
  • The six-continent combined-Eurasia model is mostly used in Russia, Eastern Europe and Japan. 
  • The six-continent combined-America model is used in France and its former colonies, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Latin America and Greece.
  • A five-continent model is obtained from the six-continent combined-America model by excluding Antarctica as uninhabited. This is used, for example, in the Olympic Charter.

“The terms Oceania or Australasia are sometimes substituted for Australia to denote a region encompassing the Australian continent and various islands in the Pacific Ocean that are not included in the seven-continent model. For example, the Atlas of Canada names Oceania, as does the model taught in France, Italy and Greece, the Ibero-American countries (Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Spanish-speaking Latin America), China and South Korea.”

See why Latin people look so confused when you explain about North America? And let’s not even get into the debate of Central America being a region, etc.

There you have it. Your random post of the day and something to bust out next time you find yourself with a group of people from different countries and want to spark up conversation. Be warned it may lead to hours of cultural exchange, so get some coffee!





Summer 2016.

Travel Resources:

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Overwhelmed with credit card/miles and don’t know where to start? I started with Marriott Card (best benefit is 7 nights + x amount of miles to most major airlines), Chase Sapphire Card and Starwood American Express (not sure how much longer this one will be around). These seemed the most flexible for me until I learned more. and for hotel reservation if you are not using a specific travel rewards card or hotel chain.

Car rental? Try  Autoslash.

Different ways the world talks about Continents. The 5 to 7 Continent models.

College Planning:

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Financial Independence:

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The blogs that I mention here are the ones I most often read regarding early financial independence.

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Financial Management:

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As for investing, I am partial to Vanguard index funds.

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Teaching kids about money resources

Kid Travel

My Love For Travel

Sure, I love a great hiking trip and can very much appreciate the beauty of a starry night while camping.  However, on the Camping to Glamping scale, I definitely lean right. At least for the bathroom part!

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to multiple countries (over 20) from a young age. This is a passion that has stayed with me ever since and continued in adulthood as I shared travel and living abroad experiences (3 countries including USA) with my husband.

We have done a good amount of traveling with our kids already but I am so excited that we are now entering an age group were we can start exploring further with them. I would love to give our children as many diverse experiences as possible through travel. I want to help them gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our diverse world in terms of landscape, languages, cultures, traditions, etc.  and the importance of our role in preserving, as best as we can, our fragile environment.

Kid Travel Is Unique

Kids certainly change your view and vacation needs. I have enjoyed putting together and searching for hours vacations that are better suited for each age phase as they grow.

For example, during the young toddler years, few thing beat an easy to drive to ocean location or just hanging out by a pool. Heck during this time, a trip to the grocery store alone can feel more of a vacation that having to take the 80 pound equipment needed for such little person to go anywhere only for them to tantrum and refuse to nap while outside of home! (You know it’s true, don’t give me that look!).

Soon thereafter, kids start becoming easier and easier to travel with, parents start to become alive again and options continue to expand. Hooray!

Travel with kids is really about the right experience at the right time. Blink twice and that opportunity passes by sometimes.

What Is The Travel Budget?

For context, for 2016 and 2017  we have set a maximum budget of $10 – 12k per year for a family of 4, and gain an additional $4-8k in value from points and miles, when possible. Usually we take 2 vacations per year, though we may or may not use one of those for adults only. Oops.

Depending on how our other financial goals are going this budget is going to need some adjustments as we go. This may mean getting more and more creative with how we travel. Stay tuned!

For travel ideas with kids 0-4 go here, for those 5-8, go here.