Q4 2018 Financial Progress Report

This quarter was rough! For the first time since writing the blog we are in negative territory vs the previous quarter. Still, we remain positive; slow and steady wins the race!


Liquid assets stand at $608.3k; that is $67.5k less than Q3 this year.  Ouch! We have also put aside an additional $19,050k for our real estate venture ($37,550 total invested). If we combine both of those we are at $645,850k. The original goal for EOY was $704k – or $58,150 under asset goals.

We do also have $15k against a lot we purchased to build our retirement house, but we will not count it within our investment asset goal right now.

Our combined 529 balances (not counted above) ended at $57.1k or negative $6.8k from from Q3.


While our assets had a terrible end of the year, our total remaining debt, mortgage plus car loan, stands at $54.2k, destroying our original EOY debt balance goal of $101.7k.


The saddest part of my update is our expenses. We had a few unexpected but necessary expenses in Q3 (branch fell on our car and we had to replace the windshield (under deductible still), we had to pre-pay almost $3k of vacation expenses that we will take Jan 2019 and my computer had liquid damage and had to be fully replaced), ending the year at $75,575, over our $70k budget.

While on the surface it seems like we had big misses this year, we are actually pleased with our progress. Our debt is way ahead of schedule and while our liquid assets are lower, we also are diversifying with real estate and adding one giant bucket list item to our plans: a lot near the beach to build our dream retirement home.

At the end of the day, isn’t the point to turn our dreams into reality?! 🙂


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