Q3 2018 Financial Progress Report

During the Q2 update, I mentioned that we were putting aside some money for alternative investments but I was not ready to share more info. I can tell you now that this money is going towards small scale real estate development abroad (single family home build to sell projects).

In addition, we bought a lot near the same area ($45k – not yet fully paid ($30k to go) but no interest payment plan though end of next year) that we hope to one day use as our retirement home base.

With that, let’s get into the financial progress YTD.


Liquid assets stand at $675.8k; an increase of $34.3k against Q2 this year. We have also put aside an additional $18.5k for our real estate venture. If we combine both of those we are at $694.1k. The original goal for EOY was $704k

Note that we will not count our retirement lot within these assets or our current home value (when we sell it, that money will be used to build on our other lot and bank the rest). We will stick to the liquid asset goal going forward, but thought the context is important to show why we are ‘behind’ the original goal and where the rest of the money is going.

Our combined 529 balances (not counted above) had a decent Q3 and show $63.9k or a an $2.4k gain from Q2, all from market gains.


Our total remaining debt, mortgage plus car loan, stands at $58.4k, or $9.2k less than end of Q2 – destroying our original EOY debt balance goal of $101.7k!

While at the end of last quarter our plan was to be done with the mortgage payments by Jan 2019 (currently around $43k) we are shifting gears and instead using that money towards the real estate investment venture mentioned above. In this plan, we are still about 4 years away from paying all our existing debts, which is still way ahead of schedule.


Our goal remains $70k this year.  Not sure we will make it, but it will be close!

YTD we have spent $52,736k or $5,860 per month on average, slightly behind goal.

In October we get hit with $1,300 for yearly annual life insurance policies (2 people). Also a branch fell on our car’s windshield, so we will have to replace that ($1k deductible won’t hit). Hope it is not too crazy expensive. This will put a strain on that budget.

That said, September was extra expensive because I put on a good amount of spending ($880) I promised I could not do (towards 2019 vacation which I wanted to pay in 2019 but by doing it now we will save later on miles and points earned). Calculated move. I am ok with that even if we are a little over EOY because of these charges.


There you have it. Now let’s finish strong!



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