No Purchases Challenge Update

Here we are, end of Q3, how is it going with the no material purchases for myself year long challenge? Well, I would say 95% great, which I consider a pretty darn good score :).

As a reminder, this challenge is to not purchase anything for myself this year that is not either an experience or food, excluding basic grooming products.

In 9 months, I have only bought (once each) shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. All of this allowed. However, I sort of cheated with two things: a gift from my husband (mason jars for our new obsession with making our own flour and cooking clean – a post for another day) and a popcorn popper that I got for the house. Not bad I say,

I admit, up to this point it had been quite easy and it does take away that anxiety to buy. That said, I am starting to put a few things on the list for next year (example, replace shoes, and a white basic shirt for work) which are starting to make me feel like extreme constraint is not an ideal permanent state.

All in all a good exercise that helps understand how and when you spend money on impulse buys. And while the anxious need to buy stuff just because was there but not super strong to begin with, this exercise has really further reduced after it a few months of saying no.

I recommend you try it out!

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