Q2 2018 Financial Progress Report

It has been a while since my last post, I know. I have been very busy traveling, working hard and had a bit of an issue with my computer breaking down then got too lazy to blog on my phone. However, I am back now just in time to catch up see were we are at the end of Q2:

Assets & Debt

Liquid assets stand at $641,5k; an increase of $16,700 against Q1 this year. We have also put aside an additional $15k for an alternative investment we are eying, but not going to divulge the details just yet… more on that next time!

Our original EOY goal was $704k, however, we are still pushing through on our decision to  start putting more money towards our mortgage vs fully funding post tax accounts. As a result, we are falling behind on our asset goal. That is ok, we are killing our debt goal already!

Our combined 529 balances (not counted above) remain stable, at $61,440, or an $870 gain from Q1, all from market gains.

Our total remaining debt, mortgage plus car loan, stands at $67.7k, or $24.9 less than end of Q1 – destroying our original EOY debt balance goal of $101.7k! We hope to be done with the mortgage payments by Jan 2019 (about $50k of total debt, approx $290k-$300k market value); let’s see how we go!


Our goal remains to cut down from last year’s $75k to $70k this year.  We have been slowly lowering our costs for the past few years and it has been relatively easy until now.  Our new expense goal is still very doable (heck so high still compared to most people’s budgets I know!), however, we are starting to feel a little bit of the pain of having to make conscious choices more often to keep on track. All in all however we are still generally on track and think we can hit our expense goal.

With half of the year behind us, we have spent $34.2k, or about $5.7k per month; putting us on track for the $70k spent (inclusive of having to pay car and life insurance); details below.

 Category Budgeted YTD Avg Variance
Mortgage $1,400 $1,400 $0
Utilities/cell phone $500 $462 $38
Groceries $500 $500 $0
Restaurants $200 $125 $75
Personal /entertainment $570 $610 -$40
Gas/Car expenses $750 $635 $115
Medical expenses $480 $363 $117
Vacation/travel $580 $829 -$249
Kids $500 $480 $20
Pet $300 $247 $53
Other $50 $51 -$1
Total Monthly $5,830 $5,702 $128

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