2018 Life Goals Mid Year Report

Time for a mid year review of the wider life goals – how am I doing? Let’s take a look:

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 9.33.23 AM

Health: I need to do way better in the eating department, all else keep doing what I am doing. Despite my best intentions, I don’t go for fruits or veggies so hope juicing as a supplement helps.

Mid Year Review: I would give this a meh! Earlier this year I took one of the best vacations ever and I ate like it was my job. And no, it was not healthy. But since I have been trying to get back on track; perhaps second part of the year will be better. Definitely need to focus here now. So far a C.

Professional: Keep hitting my day job goals. I will also like to focus more on the blog, aiming for one post a week, on average. This is definitely a guide only, I don’t want to add content where it adds no value or it becomes a chore, so this goal will likely evolve a lot.

Mid Year Review: Not good on the blog goals; I have been slacking! That said, I am absolutely making up for it at work. I am doing better than expected and really hope things pay off at end of year with a promotion. Blogging, I give a C-, work I give myself an A +

Relationships:  Purposeful time allocation to those most important to me. This was going well in 2017 so keep doing what I am doing!

Mid Year Review: I have kept this up to an acceptable standard. Happy with my results. I am even going to go on a trip alone with my favorite friend; a first one for me (just me and a friend trip). I could still do a little more with my kids, but it has significantly improved. B+.

Financial: More specifics here, but the summary above hits the major points. The biggest change is our expense side (need to cut $5k from 2017 budget).We also must complete our will and testament – we have the paperwork just not notarized and with young kids this keeps me up at night.

Mid Year Review: On the financials excellent, on the will and testament; slacking! Urgh. A and D. lol.

Wants: Putting money away specifically for our used electric car fund for replacing our old second carUpdate: Our old car died end of November 2017, before we even got to 2018 goals, so we bought a car. I guess we can cross this off the list!

Mid Year Review: Achieved!

Experiences: What I am MOST excited about and where my planning helped most to do a ton in 2017. Here some ideas for 2018:

Mid Year Review: See crossed out items below; getting there! A for progress.

  • At least 5 bucket / travel list items:
    • Bali (with husband)
    • Canyoning,  private dinner at own villa & volcano hike (with husband)
    • Colonial Williamsburg (with kids)
    • Snow Tubing, ice skating, sleeping on a dome, theater play (with kids)
    • Rescue a non puppy dog
  • At least 3 personal challenges:
    • No buying clothes or ‘stuff’ for a year for me except personal hygiene and food items. Experiences and travel are allowed and encouraged.
    • Vegetarian for a month.
    • Reduce closet by 10 items by EOY (without replacing).
    • Rental of convertible (the one thing I failed to complete in 2017!)
  • Five zero waste changes:
    • In 2017, we traded plastic bags for reusables, changed to waste free period pads cups and underwear and entered a journey into minimalism. In 2018 we have to find 5 small changes towards a less wasteful way of living.

How are you doing with your goals this year? 

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