March Double Challenge: Vegetarian For A Month & No Electronics Once A Week

It is almost March, time for another personal challenge, or in this case, two!

As a reminder, I am doing the year-long challenge of not buying anything for myself except for basic hygiene products (much easier now after my go-green for menstruation challenge)!, experiences and food. Even thought it has only been 2 months, I had a big birthday and celebrated 15 years of marriage so if I made it through those, I think I will be ok.

Now, I had scheduled a month of vegetarianism as one of my challenges and thought March would be a great opportunity to do it. This will be a way for me to start getting serious about the food intake aspect of my health – the part I don’t particularly do so well lately.

In addition, I have been feeling a little stressed lately because of work. As in I have started to wake up in the middle of the night stressed. Not good. When I am stressed, I start wasting A LOT of time online and feeling drained.  As such yesterday I randomly declared a no computer and phone day for me (though I did cheat with some TV) and, even with one day, I felt much better. And with that, I have decided to also make March a once a week no technology day – at least no phone and computer.

Let’s do this!

How about you, do you have any fun challenges you are working on you want to share? Have hey made you feel different or change a perspective or lead to permanent habit changes?

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