Does Your Job Define Who You Are?

Large scale org change… ah how it affords you the opportunity to see people’s true colors! I am always amazed that for so many people, their job and title literally defines who they are. What is happening around their job dictate how they feel about life (talk about giving your power away!). And they are willing to do anything to keep going up, even if by taking other people down. It is all about their ego, not the organizational goals and certainly not about their people.

Now, I have always been a go getter, high achiever, and willing to put the hours and roll up my sleeves to create, as a team, continuous improvement. That is how I derive my satisfaction at work. I still get emotional when I receive feedback from people I managed years ago and tell me no one cared and helped their careers more than me. With that, I have never allowed my job title or salary to dictate my worth or become my identity as a human being.

Increasingly, work feedback and behaviors (hello stealing my ideas with zero credit) from people that are supposed to be on my side has started to kill my spirit. I am treated like a child and told to just do what I am told. I don’t trust anyone. I feel like I went back about 15 years of my professional career, a total waste of my capabilities and skills.

The last drop for me came with the most recent feedback: be more “strategic” and play politics, do not help certain people (from my own team mind you) because that is the only way I was going to get promoted.

Huh. How mediocre and petty of us.

Having already been a very successful career athlete at a young age (among the best in the world as a junior athlete) I can tell you that being the top of any corporate ladder is not something I am searching for.  This is especially true if to do that I have to bring people down instead of try to lift us ALL up.

I am going focus on trying to transform the things in my control and clear the noise of all the backstabbing and non cooperative politics and other nonsense that simply go against who I am. I am better than that.

Lastly, I am adding one thing to my FIRE goal: my personal requirement from when I hand in my resignation is being able to look back and have people know I had THEIR back.

How about you, does your job define you?! How will this affect you when you retire?