2017 Car Expenses

Continuing with the tracking of big bucket expenses (kids, dog, travel), time to check out  car expenses.

At the beginning of 2017 we had 3 cars, and somewhere along the lines we donated one that was approaching 200k miles.  One of the remaining ones we are financing still with 0% interest rate and a few more years to go and the other one was fully paid off at purchase almost 6 years ago.  Here is what the financials looked like for the year:

2017 Car Expenses

Car Payment $5,330
Gas, Repairs, Registration, etc. $1,310
Insurance $1,160
Total $7,800


Now, last year our grocery store had an awesome deal in which you could buy $50 dollar gas gift cards for $40, every time you purchased certain amount of money with them. We took the most advantage of this promotion and we are still using those gift cards in 2017, so our overall gas cost is actually really low in 2017. We still have about $500 in credit cards to go, then we will have to pay out of pocket, which is a bummer.

In addition, our older car died recently so, we acquired a new car on December 2017, with a purchase price of $13,900 (from replacement car money so not counting as extra expense in our year end review) and added extra insurance (annual payment pro-rated through September 2018), which, when added to the above, comes to:

2017 Car Expenses, Including New Car

Total car expenses 2017 $7,800
New car purchase $13,900
New car prorated insurance $540
Total $22,240

We are pretty excited about our new electric car and will be keeping an eye out for the cost of operating it vs our non EV car – both 2015 models.

How about you, what do your car expenses look like?


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