So…We Bought A Car

Recently I wrote about my life goals for 2018. And here, already, a perfect example of how I need to flex my life plans as life evolves.

The hope was to keep our old car alive for at least 3-4 more years (adding to the current 5.5 years of ownership).

Then our old car died. Twice in one week.

More than expenses, dealing with this frustration does not work for us anymore. We are done.

We are now the proud owners of a $13,900 Nissan Leaf 15′ SV, paid in cash (yay for financial planning!). Our old car is on its way to being donated, like we did our previous one, and finally we have the 2 cars that best fit our family.

Despite the unexpected cost, I am very excited especially since this is the one big ‘want’ my husband and I have had for years (really since it came out – and we talked about this again after we installed solar panels at home, 4 years ago. Yes, we are those people…).

I am cheating a bit and not counting this as an expense for 2017 as it did come from extra savings within our spending money, but will have to think more thoughtfully about how to deal with this for retirement.

With one month to go in 2017, we have hit our stretch asset goals for the year, took down an extra year of debt repayment from our plan, we are almost 2 years ahead of where we thought our 529s would be AND we were able to get our car with cash! Thank you market – I am enjoying the highs for sure as we brace for the lows!

Tell me, how have you had to adjust your plans? Do you own a EV? What is your experience? How do you track big expenses like these when you had already accounted for them in replacement fund money within your budget?


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