2018 Life Goals

2018 is the year I turn 40! Where does time go?!

Continuing from my life goals for 2017 I present you the 2018 Goals.

This may appear way too rigid to some but I find it incredibly relaxing. This framework helps me purposely focus and accomplish most vs the ‘one day I want to …. and then I never do’ approach that I tried before (and I can’t get time back!). It is also flexible, changing and adapting as life unfolds, or even deciding not to use it at all if it ever becomes a stressful impediment (balance!).

In 2018, the plan is to use this framework to focus and ground me, and to share with you (probably quarterly except for financials and experiences) how things are going, where I struggle, where I need to adapt, etc.

If you would like to try this approach, I created a “how to” guide to help you be very thoughtful and get to the point below (much like I do at work with my staff).

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 9.33.23 AM

Health: I need to do way better in the eating department, all else keep doing what I am doing. Despite my best intentions, I don’t go for fruits or veggies so hope juicing as a supplement helps.

Professional: Keep hitting my day job goals. I will also like to focus more on the blog, aiming for one post a week, on average. This is definitely a guide only, I don’t want to add content where it adds no value or it becomes a chore, so this goal will likely evolve a lot.

Relationships:  Purposeful time allocation to those most important to me. This is going well in 2017 so keep doing what I am doing!

Financial: More specifics here, but the summary above hits the major points. The biggest change is our expense side (need to cut $5k from 2017 budget).

We also must complete our will and testament – we have the paperwork just not notarized and with young kids this keeps me up at night.

Wants: Putting money away specifically for our used electric car fund for replacing our old second carUpdate: Our old car died end of November 2017, before we even got to 2018 goals, so we bought a car. I guess we can cross this off the list!

Experiences: What I am MOST excited about and where my planning helped most to do a ton in 2017. Here some ideas for 2018:

  • At least 5 bucket / travel list items:
    • Bali (with husband)
    • Canyoning,  private dinner at own villa & volcano hike (with husband)
    • Colonial Williamsburg (with kids)
    • Snow Tubing, ice skating, sleeping on a dome, theater play (with kids)
  • At least 3 personal challenges:
    • No buying clothes or ‘stuff’ for a year for me except personal hygiene and food items. Experiences and travel are allowed and encouraged.
    • Vegetarian for a month.
    • Reduce closet by 10 items by EOY (without replacing).
    • Rental of convertible (the one thing I failed to complete in 2017!)
  • Five zero waste changes:
    • In 2017, we traded plastic bags for reusables, changed to waste free period pads cups and underwear and entered a journey into minimalism. In 2018 we have to find 5 small changes towards a less wasteful way of living.

Do you have plans for 2018 already or are you a more normal human being that likes to just go with the flow see what life brings? 🙂





7 thoughts on “2018 Life Goals”

  1. I love lists like this. It helps to remove all focus from finance back to the quality of your life. I am compiling my personal goals next months. Thanks for your impute this year. You are a great blog friend. Happy holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Completely agree! Funny, I am working on a post specific to our (very high) kid expenses, so coming back and looking at the wider picture really helps remember why we are doing all of this in the first place! I hope you post your goals as well, I would love to follow along, too!

      BTW my husband did end up losing his job but immediately got a new one so he starts tomorrow, so he is both excited and nervous about it. We shall see how it goes! We are grateful and relieved that this opportunity came this fast.

      Happy holidays to you too! To many great more accomplishments as we finish the year strong and begin a new one!


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