2017 Goals, Travel & Experiences Review

2017 proved a great year in terms of checking off some bucket list items for the family and hitting some major goals!

As a family, we did:

  • Got a rescue dog!
  • All-inclusive at the beach for the first time.  Best deal for a week at the Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta during spring break by using Citi thank you points for 2 tickets, aa miles for the other two and 4 night free of the hotel with our Citi prestige benefit stacked against a hotel promotion of kids 50% off.
  • First family and dog hike! 4 miles.
  • Went camping as a family for the first time, s’mores and all! We followed this with a few short hikes to waterfalls in our area.
  • Stayed at a stationary RV to test it out. A huge win with the kids – place had a hot tub they were very happy.
  • Stayed overnight on a yacht in Charlestown and visited Patriots Point as a family.
  • Stayed overnight at a treehouse!
  • Went indoor rock climbing all together
  • Spent a week in Washington DC and visited Luray Caverns.
  • Kids began formal horseback riding lessons and are completely in love
  • Started our minimalism journey – let go of 3k + items!

For adults:

  • Saw our favorite comedian live
  • I got the tattoos I have wanted for decades
  • My husband took me to see my favorite play!
  • I began monthly massages and facials as part of my self care goal
  • We allowed a babysitter not related to us to stay with out kids for the first time ever while we went on a date
  • Switched to reusable period products and never going back!
  • Donated our old car
  • I went to a shooting range for th first time
  • Killed our financial goals for the year!
  • While I still have some room to grow, most definitively big improvements on physical, spiritual and emotional health, most importantly with a more limited but focused relationships inclusive of being more present with my kids.



Phew, not bad for a year that started out very rocky, which allowed me time to truly focus and make things happen!

How about you? What bucket list items did you do / are you doing by the end of 2017?

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