2017 Stretch Goal Reached!

I am amused the market is still standing so strong, having been expecting a correction for a long while now. Even more surprising to me, today we hit not only our end of year goal for 2017 but our stretch goal as well!

Originally we wanted to finish with $527.5 in assets and later stretched it to $555.5k, which we achieved today! (plus a little extra). Maybe I can dare to stretch it to $575k…mmm, we shall see. For now I will just leave it as mission accomplished and see what happens. I seriously feel like we JUST hit $500k so it is feeling a bit surreal.

Of course, a lot of this depends on the market and it may change but quite enjoying seeing that little number on the screen for right now. I am a goals person so putting the money aside, reaching the goal itself is filling me with internal high fives which I always appreciate.

Finally, we have been leaving a lot more than normal on a savings account ($20k right now, aiming for $30k by end of year) in anticipation of a potential temporary lapse of employment for one of us. And our mortgage balance is now under $100k (we don’t count our around $150k of home equity in our asset calculations above, with it we are at around $700k)! Yay for that, too!

Beyond our assets, we are still on track for paying down our debt and believe we will be hitting our expenses goal as well, though only just because we keep adding fun things to do like going to the theater and watch comics, multicultural events, etc! I am ok with that, brings complete balance to my “now”.

Here is where we stand at this very moment of time at the end of September 2017 vs EOY goals:

  • Assets: $555.8 – Stretch goal reached ($527.5 $555.5)
  • Debt: $122.2 –  On track for goal ($118k).
  • 529 balance (2): $55.7 –  Goal reached ($52.5)
  • Expenses YTD: $59.8 with vacations & insurance paid through EOY. On track for goal ($75k)

I am feeling quite optimistic about this progress! Best of all, as I am looking at my life more holistically as I explain here (life goals), I feel free, liberated and with the lowest levels of that little nagging constant anxiety of life that I have had in years!

How about you, how is life going, financial and beyond?

5 thoughts on “2017 Stretch Goal Reached!”

  1. Our tracks are amazingly similar! We also just surpassed our end of year projections but we haven’t reached our savings goals yet. Unless some major expense comes up, we should though. Good market years are super. I hope the drop won’t be too depressing!

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    1. On the plus side, there are many of us to be depressed with at the same time. It is all about being connected and belonging right?

      See? I am working on my positive attitude ;). (AND I was thinking about you because I got all my pants fixed so I don’t have to war 10 inch heals for them haha)


    2. Oh I should add – I think we are not going to meet our savings goal, oops (mainly as our tax bill was crazy higher than expected despite my alleged planning so we had to divert a lot of funds to that lol). I conveniently left that out as I actually stopped tracking since I am measuring more on where we stand year over year


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