Minimalism Journey: Phase IV

This was the last big goal of our initial journey towards minimalism before we stopped and reassessed if this is where we found our balance or if we wanted to keep going and do more (or if we had gone too far!).

It was time to tackle the last random things we had like sewing stuff, collections (in our case coins and basketball cards), things of sentimental value inclusive of childhood items and or medals, diplomas, etc. extra bags in the attic and odd items stored in places like the laundry room.

Step 1: Goal

Eliminate all collections, reduce our sentimental value items to a minimum and clear out clutter in the final spaces in our house we had not tackled like the attic, laundry room, hall closet, etc.

Step 2:  Process

We again started with obvious things like coin and old card collections – we took them to a place to sell in bulk and got very little money, but when given to the kids they got a step closer to their savings goal so it was great! The laundry room was next, and it was actually not too bad in terms of extra items, we just got stuff to organize it a little better and get rid of a few random things like an almost empty bottle of detergent and a hanger that we never use.

We also found a few odd items in the attic like some shelves which we donated and all my sewing stuff (not much, a small tub of stuff). I cut my sewing stuff in half and converted one of my now empty closets into a sewing nook. At least hopefully I will use my machine more now that it is easily accessible.

Finally we moved to sentimental value items which was a little more difficult, but we were so excited about our results so far that we managed to really reduce it to a minimum (one small container for each of us).

Step 3: Assessing Results

Even though each area or theme did not yield that much on their own, taking a few things here and there really adds up! In the end, we cut around 3k items from our home, and you can really see and feel the difference.

This journey really has been very exciting. We really do feel like we have a little more time for things that matter most and we feel energized.

Next post I will show you the results, in pictures and out goals for the next phase of our journey!

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