Minimalism Journey, In Pictures

I documented here our process and experience during our initial journey towards minimalism. In this first pass, which took about 3 months, we wanted to see how much we could let go off and experience for ourselves if this made any difference or not.

Absolutely one of the best things we have ever done.

Below are a few pictures to give you an idea of what our uncluttering looked like and what the end result looks like when we put out house back together….

Here goes!

The 3k+ Items!

I don’t have pictures of all of the things that left our home, but here is a small sampling to give you an idea. It was probably about 2 van fulls of stuff, packed to the brim.

Putting It All Together

After the uncluttering came the funnest part, putting our home back together to enjoy! Here are again a few select pictures to give you an idea. And yes, we still have a ton of books (about 160) but we started with more than double that!:

The Closets

Last but not least, using some of the KonMari method for some of our items has been awesome. Check out what some of it looks like!

What’s Next?

About 3k+ items later I can say this process has been transformative.  Next, we will live with this level of items for a while (ensuring that if we bring anything in something else comes out as much as possible), and then further decide if this is the right balance and or if we want to keep going.

Our initial reaction is that we could further reduce our clothing and books, and will probably set this as our next challenge when we are ready to start again. In addition, we will have some challenges in 2018 to start substituting some items that we use for less wasteful alternatives, so will be sure to share with you that progress as well.

For now, we are enjoying the new found space and tranquility that comes along with this. You really lose so much time putting away stuff which goes away when you don’t have stuff to put away in the first place!

How about you, how has this process changed you?

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