December 2016, Progress Report

December 2016

We did it! We finished the year exceeding every single one of our financial AND travel goals. I will say, it felt painful and slow when we started, but it has been an incredible journey to see how fast things started to progress after a few months of focus. Sure, a lot of it was market conditions which we know can drop at any moment, but we have built the necessary habits to sustain us for the long term FIRE goal (pending anything crazy) so we are very proud of that.

With that, let’s get into the fun details:

Income* Expenses Assets 529s Debt
December $175.1k $73.7k $388k $50.4k $134.9k
Goal $165k $80k $360k $50k $135.3k

I am particularly excited about the cushion we have in our assets (to have extra safety net for a market correction) and for having completed our goal for 529 savings for our children. Now that that is done, we can dedicate a larger portion of our income towards savings, which should give us a nice boos in asset results for 2017.

Also, we have hit the $500k in net worth, inclusive of our home, which is a metric we don’t really track (above is liquid assets), but nice to think about anyways!

And I will say, we are most proud of cutting our expenses from the $100k+ range to under $75k. We are doing a lot of traveling next year so we are aiming at a 2017 expenses of $60k + $15k for travel ($75k). We will see how we go.

For now, we celebrate and turn our attention to 2017 goals.

How did you end the year?! Are you excited for 2017?

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