November 2016, Progress Report

November 2016

Such craziness this month, new President elected, instead of a crash we had an up market (though I am still bracing) and we met our asset goals for the year (at least at this time and point).

With that, let’s get into the fun details

Income* Expenses Assets 529s Debt
November $157k $68.6k $371.8k $44.3k $135.4k
Goal $165k $80k $360k $50k $135.3k

All good news 

This month has been very good. For starters we are OVER our asset goals for the year (and the original goal was already a ‘stretch goal’ for us) with one month to go. Woot. We are also going to end the year a little bit ahead of our debt goal, surpassed the income we thought we would gain, on track to hit our 529 goal for the year AND almost best of all to me, we will be under our expenses goal for the year.

I am most excited about our expenses. Even though we bought a bunch of Christmas stuff, we still spent about $4.8, which is quite good for us. Our income was $15.2 this month, and we added a healthy amount to our 529. I made a small extra payment to debt so we will likely end up the year a couple hundred dollars under (positive for us) our original goal for debt balance.

How was your November?


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