Parent Getaways – No Kids!

When my kids were under 4, I was that parent that would not leave her kids with anyone for more than a few hours. After a few years of that, husband and I started taking longer dates and eventually one day decided we were ready to leave them with the grandparents while we got some quality alone time doing one of the things we love the most. And so, we plotted our getaway.

At first I felt a little guilty using some of our limited vacation time and not take the kids or be with them, but when I realized the benefits and importance of reconnecting with your husband that guilt went away completely. In addition, these trips slowly started to bring me back from ‘being mom’ to ‘being me’ – I had forgotten how much I loved that freedom to travel and how I could still get a taste of that now. Besides, we looove hiking and we really, really, really like eating new things and explore new, often far away places, which are not necessarily the most compatible with kid travel. Husband and I have definitely  eaten a few things of questionable origin – don’t ask, don’t tell just try it out, I say!

In this blog I will keep a list of travel ideas that I have taken or planned so that you can see the specific places we stayed, itineraries, etc. even costs and what kind of miles or points I used to reduce costs.

Click here for North America travel ideas.

Clock here for Asia travel ideas.




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