What to Expect

What kind of information can I expect from this blog?

Now that you know a little more about me and the blog, below is what you can expect in my future posts. This blog will be my platform for documenting three main themes:

1.Life Goals: Information regarding our wider journey into a better, fulfilled life, as we venture into minimalism, mindfulness and other areas of focus to truly put our time and efforts against our top life priorities.

2. Financial Progress Transparency: Our journey to financial independence by age 50-52. This means sharing very specific details on assets, income, expenses, investments and final portfolio value per year. This will include college savings plans, which will change over the years.

3. Vacation Plans & Bucket List: Detailed plans on the vacations we take or plan with our growing children, by age ranges (including parent getaways), and, when available, providing our cost per trip, with both cash and use of points and miles.

I will also share links to other blogs and resources that I have read doing my own research that have been incredible valuable to me, hope they help you too.

While this blog is an example of OUR journey, I hope that it is helpful to anyone out there in a similar situation and you learn from our experience, research, wins, missteps, etc. as we go.

Finally, I look forward to hearing and learning from you!

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